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lean 365

The platform to enhance culture of Continuous Improvement and Employee Engagement.

Driving Transformation in Leading Global Entities

What we do

Integrated suite of continuous improvement products.

We bring everything that is required to engage employees, improve processes and power organizational learning.

Why lean365

lean365 builds the lean mind set and drives your team towards continuous improvement.

Lean AI

Ask our AI lean coach to get help with anything lean.

Continuous Improvement

We improve our platform on a regular basis.

Learning System

Gets better with user engagement and helps customers across the world.

Amazing UX

We designed our platform to seamlessly integrate with user's daily work.

A Platform Revolutionizing
Operational Excellence Across Industries

Continuous Improvement




lean365 is designed with a focus on people to create an efficient and effective organization.

Meet the platform you need!

Huddle Board

Engage frontline staff in daily continuous process improvements.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

A framework to facilitate and spread process improvement initiatives.


A tool for Senior leaders to understand frontline teams and gather Customer feedback.

Success Story

Share successful ideas across the organization to compress process improvement cycles.

Balanced Scorecard

A dashboard view to check the status of process improvement efforts against the organization's strategic plan.

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Take control of your business
with lean365

lean365 provides a framework that helps in streamlining and accelerating improvement process with the right set of tools and reports. It aids in employee engagement at all levels and helps in planning and executing organizational strategies.

Key benefits of lean365

Co-pilot for current workflows

Lean nudges

Realtime and relevant sharing

Alignment at every level